Outsourced Software QA Testing 4 Rules for Good Management

While the pros of speed and flexibility of crowd testing are remarkable, some issues can arise if you haven’t created a concrete test plan or rely on unsupervised testers from a marketplace. Crowdsourced testing is utilized by businesses across every industry, from startups to fortune 500 companies. Discover the latest software testing trends for 2023, including AI and ML testing, virtual and augmented reality testing, and heaps more. Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning are two great ways to protect your software from internal and external threats.

For example, let’s say you have an e-commerce website and a corresponding mobile app. You can probably outsource both web and mobile testing to the same company. A QA team focuses on software functionality without prior knowledge of said software’s internal workings.

Myth 1. A QA team is involved at the last stages of the project

Software testing outsourcing is the practice of businesses hiring software testing outsourcing companies to help with some or all of the aspects of testing a software product. Companies can use outsourcing software testing services long-term for multiple projects, or go for outside QA testing services to help with just one project. Many companies choose to collaborate with experienced software testing engineers from a QA outsourcing vendor on a regular basis to produce better-quality software. Therefore, software testing is no longer an option but an integral part of the software development life cycle. Those are just a few disadvantages for having an in-house testing team which outsourcing can eliminate. Outsourcing your testing project to an established and trusted company can grant great results to your software project.

  • However, they lack the processing power, software, hardware, and knowledge to test it effectively.
  • You should however, outsource your software testing activities if you have engineering budget constraints.
  • Initially accenture was with us for helping us drive automation in our organization, then they also helped us with RPA and then AI integration with RPA.
  • An SLA precisely defines the scope, cost, milestones, deadlines, metrics, and goals of the cooperation.
  • You must ensure the security of this data from the data transfer until it comes back to you.
  • In this article, we’ll explain what software testing outsourcing is and highlight 20 commonly outsourced testing services.
  • For dedicated expert resources, outsourcing might be the right choice.

Crowdsourced testing provides access to a vast talent pool of professionals with extensive experience in software testing without the need for long and expensive recruitment efforts. Recognize the importance of human intervention and the need for a balanced approach to AI in software testing. If you decide to outsource your software testing, there are a few simple tips that you can keep in mind to help you get the most out of your experience.

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Let’s say your company is developing a customer relationship management (CRM) desktop application to be used internally. You have your IT team working tirelessly on software development, but they lack knowledge of specific testing strategies to ensure digital security Hiring DevOps-Ingenieur and functionality. However, an outsourced testing service has all the tools and experience necessary to conduct thorough and effective software testing. This means you don’t have to make any investment in infrastructure or operations to roll out quality software.

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Companies are outsourcing their QA to reduce the time it takes to test a typical release, allowing them to bring their software products to market faster. In order to improve the software quality of the organization, software testing is done using test automation or a matrix to analyze the ideal test coverage. You might wonder why you should outsource software testing when your firm is still growing. To keep your team’s productivity and performance up, it’s more necessary than ever to outsource this aspect of software development. You can employ the same mobile testing team to run regression tests on your app after each update, allowing you to maintain a consistent user experience and software quality.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing Software Testing

To get the best outcomes from this method, you’ll need qualified resources, solid infrastructure, a brilliant strategy, and experienced QA testers. Outsourcing software testing costs usually vary depending on what model and company you outsource your project to. However, industry standards suggest that outsourcing QA can cost 15-25% of the total project expenditure.

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Non-technical project needs like business analysis, market fit, advertising and marketing campaigns, fundraising are just as important. And what makes them even more special, such duties are nearly impossible to delegate to external providers, unlike a more autonomous part of the software development process such as testing. The benefits of outsourcing software testing are enormous, but finessing the details requires strategy.

Crowdsourced Testing 101

Software testing is a systematic and repetitive process in software development. An independent software testing company, BugRapators is headquartered in India with a corporate office in the US. The software can also help you manage your outsourced team’s payroll with ease. If you have a specific requirement, for instance, testing a mobile gaming app, you need a company experienced in the same. Any credible QA testing service provider will agree to sign an NDA and would’ve probably done so with other clients.

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With project-based cooperation, testing is outsourced to an entire team on the vendor’s side, but the collaboration is usually limited to one project. The thing is, outsourcing testing teams prioritize the testing results over anything else, including all the time spent on development and the desired release date. Outsourcing the testing to QA experts who know the bare minimum about your product before they get to test it assures the most transparent and trustworthy feedback. Even though the US and European employment regulations do not have a requirement for minimal contract duration, it’s clear that you’re unlikely to find a tester who would accept a week-long job. One of the benefits of outsourcing software testing is that it’s a very flexible option in terms of project duration.

Software testing outsourcing: Top services, benefits, risks

Secondly, we’ll propose a solution that can work as a stand alone or concurrently with an outsourced team. Manual beta tests provide flexible staffing options, allowing you to choose test leads, coordinators, and managers according to your project’s needs. Leveraging the results and insights gathered from manual testing, automated scripts can be built to cover the required test data, preconditions, and functionality. Crowdsourced testers are individual freelance testers based in different locations across the globe. They work on-demand and can leverage global time zones for faster testing. These testers bring their own devices, experience, and domain expertise to a project.

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If you need a hand with software quality auditing and testing for a project of any complexity, do not hesitate to contact us. Every industry has specific requirements and limitations applied to software and systems. Moreover, every business is unique and its processes should be tailored to its needs. Therefore, customers are right to consider IT vendors’ expertise in their industry, as a lack of it will unnecessarily extend and complicate the testing process. IT outsourcing implies contracting out the delivery of software solutions and entrusting IT-related services to external software development companies. Businesses can outsource their processes in full or in part, offshore or to domestic providers.


Security and cultural alignment are also important factors that are most often satisfied by an onshore partner. There are dozens of different types of testing, but it takes a team of experts to know which ones are relevant to your software project and how to include them in the testing strategy the right way. Software testing is sometimes regarded as a non-core or supplementary task. Providing a wide array of testing services, here are the top five software testing companies.

That trajectory provided the deep knowledge of quality and process development that has served as a critical foundation for building QualityLogic into one of the best software testing companies in the world. In addition to leading the company’s growth, Gary shares his extensive expertise in Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Digital Accessibility, and Leadership through various content channels. He regularly contributes to blogs, hosts webinars, writes articles, and more on the QualityLogic platforms.

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The percentage of companies that outsource testing varies from one industry to another, yet the tendency of it growing yearly remains the same. For example, 68% of the US-based businesses focusing on consumer goods outsource some part of their manufacturing on a regular basis. The IT industry accounts for 60% of all outsourced jobs globally, closely followed by accounting services. The big share of high-tech outsourcing belongs to offshore software testing services.